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In Telemark lies Tinn Kommune. In the beautifull narrow valley lies a special place and a unique city, Rjukan. On top, at the tip of the entrance to Hardangervidda lies Rjukan climbing park. The experience starts with Krossobanen, North Europe's first cable car. The trip up is amazing and specatular with a view over Rjukan and Gaustatoppen. We couldn't be more proud and happier with the entrance gate to our climbing park. Read more about Krossobanen over at

The area is unique. Nature, attractions and not the least Rjukan has been assigned UNESCO`s world heritage. Here you can easily combine a fantastic and exciting day at Rjukan Klatrepark with a bunch of activities and experiences. We would be loved to share you more tip if needed.

Why not throw yourself off the Vemor bridge i Norway's best bungee jumping! Or walk the tracks of the Heavy Water sabotage crew. Telemark Opplevelser is ready to meet you before plunging into the gorge. read more at, 

A bit further up the valley lies Norwegian Industrual worker museum. Join on a visual journey out of the ordinary and learn all about Norwegian Hydro's history and the fight for heavy water. Check out

You can climb South Norway's heighest mountain, Gaustatoppen 1883m. The mountain trip can be taken by foot or by another unique attraction. Deep inside the mountain there is an elevator known as Gaustabanen. Take the elevator up or down, or both. No matter what you chose, enjoy newly baked waffles on the mountain top. On a clear day you can see approximately 1/6 of Norway. The worlds best coffee view in our mind. Read more over at

After a long day at RJukan Klatrepark and lots of nature, Rjukanbadet is probably what you need. Here you can find the swimming hall for both in and out doors enjoyment. See

What about a unique way to enjoy sunrays in the city center? In Rjukan they have installed huge sunmirrors that is placed on top of the mountain. This spectacular idea came from Sam Eyde already back in 1913 (one of the founders of Norsk Hydro). After a long while, the sun mirrors finally was instablled back in 2013 to shine sun down to the city center during winters. The idea of Sam Eyde finaly became reality. Read more about the sun mirror and other needed info over at

There are endless possibilities for  accommodations both in Rjukan and close by, here are 2 examples. You will not regret the small trip over to Gaustablikk, the journey in it self is an experience. Here you will find Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell. The hotel lies beautifully on the sunny side with panoramic view towards Gaustatoppen. Check out the hotel over at 

Continueing the journey 2 minutes further down the streeth, you'll find Kvitåvatn Fjellstue. A modern mountain lodge drifted by a danish couple. Placement is fantastic and hospitality is big. Read more over at

For more information about this amazing area go to

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