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Frequently asked questions

Can I join in the park even though I'm not climbing?

The park is open for everyone to observe while others climb.

Can my child climb alone?

Children below 12 years must be accompanied by an adult in the trails.

Is the Krossobanen ticket included in the price?

No, the ticket for Krossobanen comes as extra charge. With advance booking 2 kids below 15 years can travel for free on the cable car with an adult.

Where do I park the car?

There is available parking spots outside Krossobanen that you can use.

Do I need to bring gloves?
Yes, due to covid-19 it is required to use gloves in the park. You can bring your own gloves or buy from us for 55kr. Gloves without finger tips padding is not allowed.

Can I pay cash?
We do not take cash, but we do take Vipps or card.

Do you have food and water?
We have simple goods available at our reception, otherwise Krosso Fjellstue is only a couple of meters away. You can ofcourse bring your own food and drink.

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