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As part of the Covid-19 we need to apply rules according to health Covid-19 measures. We take the measures serious and wish to create a safe experience for both guests and staff.

NOTE: If you feel sick, have the flue- or cold-symptoms, you are not permitted the usage of the climbing park. If you are in the risk group or socialize with people in the risk group, we do not recommend taking the trip.

  • We ask you to judge your own capabilities before each course, so that avoid rescues and close contact between guests and staff. 

  • To avoid huge groups at once of visitors the booking is limited to a certain number of people per hour. Meet up 15 minutes before starting time.

  • Our helmets are disinfected after use. 

  • You are to equip the climbing gear yourself after registrating. One of our instructor will do a visual check before start. 

  • Keep a minimum of 1 meters distance, both on ground and in the courses. 

  • We do not take cash, but take most cards and Vipps.

  • Instructions and training is done as usual, but in smaller groups. 

  • It is required to use gloves for climbing. You can bring your own gloves, but make sure to clean them before coming. We also got gloves for 55 kr. Avoid touching your face, eyes, nose or mout with the gloves on. 

  • We got Antibac placed in the park and in the front desk. Toilet is cleaned as required.  

  • maximum of 4 visitors can be inside the front desk at the time. We sell ice cream, sodas and coffee and goodies. 

We will also not set out the grills, so please bring food and enjoy it in the area.

We wish you welcome to a safe and fun climbing experience!

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