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Practical Information

Here you will find practical information that is good to know before your visit.

Safety agreement

Everyone that climbs in the park must complete and submit the safety agreement form in our booking system. It is recommended that this is done online prior to your arrival - it will save you time. We have additional forms for those that wish to fill it out upon arrival. The safety agreement is valid for the entire season - if submitted online. For group visits, the guardian or group organizer can fill out the safety agreement for the entire group.



You can prebook your harness/ticket in our booking system.



For climbing, we recommend exercise clothing or light clothing that is suitable for hiking. You will get warm quickly during the activities, so dress in a way that you can remove a layer if you are too warm. It may also be beneficial to have a bag with some extra clothing. Sneakers or hiking boots with good soles are an advantage. It is no problem to climb while it is raining, so take some light rain gear in your bag. We also recommend wearing gloves when you are climbing. Feel free to bring a pair of thin ski gloves. If you forget or do not have gloves, we offer this in the climbing park .


Food and drinks

There are separate barbecue area with gas grills in the climbing park, so feel free to bring barbecue. Grills are freely available for park guests. In addition, we have a smal store where we offer ice cream, soda, coffee, gloves, chocolate etc.

Check out Gvepseborg Panorama Cafe here:  https:/

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