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Definitely Norway's coolest
climbing park-view!

A unique and historical experience!

Welcome to a unique climbingpark by the entrance to Hardangervidda with an overview of Gaustatoppen trough Europe's first cable car, Krossobanen!



We are open weekends (sat - sunday) from 11.00 am - 6 pm, but check the booking to be sure - we sometimes need to shut down due to heavy rainfall. 

Call park phone +47 973 10 850 in opening hours :) 

For group bookings 2023 (20+), send an email here

We reccommend you to reserve harnesses before arrival, 2 people under 15 years per adult (family) travels for free on Krossobanen when booking in advance. Tickets to Krossobanen is not included and you can find the prices here



Below 115cm

180,- kr


From 115cm to 140cm

290,- kr


Above 140cm

350,- kr

15% Student discount with student ID

Kontakt Oss

The park and the trip

The park

Worlds first theme-climbing park!

Fantastic courses for big and small no matter the experience!

The toughest course is a historical journey through the legendary Vemork heavy water sabotage. This course takes you through what our heroes went through back in 1943.

The trip

You can take the historical cable car, Krossobanen from 1928 to Gvepseborg where the park is at a altitude of 883 moh.

You can also walk Ryes vei, a 4km path that is below the cable car. The path climbs 500m and is a fantastic way down if you like to explore nature.

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